Legal Notes

1. Legal Basis

Solely binding basis for the subscription of shares in alternative investment funds ((AIF), i.e. investment assets that are not undertakings for collective investments in transferrable securities (UCITS)) are the “sales documents”. The sales documents for the special AIFs managed by HIH Real Estate Invest comprise the terms and conditions of investment and the other contract documents, the information contained in the document prepared in accordance with Section 307 Capital Investment Code [Kapitalanlagegesetzbuch; KABG], regarding semi-professional investors the key investor information document (KID) and the most recent annual report.

This website was designed for persons either residing in Germany or having a resident German tax status. The investment asset pools mentioned are authorised for public sale within the Federal Republic of Germany.

2. No Investment Advice or Investment Research

Sole purposes of the contents of this website is to provide information on the products of HIH Invest Real Estate, which means that the contents constitute neither a contractual offer nor investment consultancy by HIH Invest Real Estate. The information provided herein cannot take the place of personal consultancy by professionals qualified for the purpose. If you require investment advice or a detailed explanation of the risks involved in the acquisition of shares in investment asset pools of HIH Invest Real Estate, please contact your financial advisor.

3. Liability / Dissemination of Information

The elaborations on this website are based on our assessment of the current legal and fiscal facts. They are subject to frequent change on short notice so that HIH Invest Real Estate offers no liability for the currency, accuracy or completeness of the information provided. On top of that, HIH Invest Real Estate assumes no liability for the accuracy and completeness of any information provided by third parties. This is true in particular for references to the contents of other websites. No parts of this website may be reproduced in any way without the express prior consent of HIH Invest Real Estate.

4. Restraints on Disposal

4.1 To the extent that investment asset pools under the management of HIH Invest Real Estate have undergone the distribution notice process pursuant to Art. 321, KAGB, or Art. 316, KAGB, the distribution of shares in such pools is limited to the Federal Republic of Germany.

4.2 Shares in the investment asset pools detailed on this website are not registered under any US legal regulation governing securities. They must not be offered or sold, be it directly or indirectly, to any US person in the United States of America nor in any US territory or US possession or any area under US jurisdiction, or on behalf of any US person. The term “US persons” designates, inter alia, persons who are nationals of the United States of America or who are resident and/or subject to taxation in the United States. The term “US person” may also cover partnerships or corporations that were incorporated under the laws of the United States or a federal state, territory or possession of the United States.

5. General Notes on Risks

5.1 Please note that past performance is not indicative of future returns. The value of investments and the returns on them may fall as well as rise as a result of market changes and currency fluctuations, and investors may not recover the full amount originally invested. Quoted target returns are not indicative of future returns. Whenever shares bought are subject to an up-front fee, the investment will not turn a profit until the appreciation of the fund shares exceeds the up-front fee paid. The investment asset pools under the management of HIH Invest Real Estate invest (directly or indirectly) in real estate. It may prove difficult to sell a given property, so that fund shares may be redeemed at a delay, or the redemption of fund shares may be suspended altogether.

5.2 Persons interested in acquiring shares should make their own inquiries regarding the legal prerequisites (specifically possible sales restrictions), foreign exchange control regulations and applicable taxes in their country of origin, their country of residence or the country of their habitual residence.

5.3 The disclosures provided on this website were valid at the time of their publication. The disclosures are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

6. Links

This website may contain so-called hyperlinks to other websites (hereinafter “links”) which may include contents created or made available by operators in no way related to HIH Invest Real Estate. The mere existence of a link to such a website does not constitute a recommendation or any other kind of endorsement of that website, its contents or its operators by HIH Invest Real Estate. HIH Invest Real Estate shall not be liable in any way for the contents of third-party providers. This applies also to stock market, financial and price-sensitive information that we adopted for our website from the systems of third-party providers. The assumptions and opinions expressed on the websites of third-party providers and the information provided therein reflect exclusively the assumptions/opinions of the respective website’s author. Accordingly, HIH Invest Real Estate shall not be liable in any way for such contents.

7. Copyright and Trademarks

Contents and structure of this website are protected by applicable copyright laws. Reproduction of any information or data herein, specifically the use of texts or excerpts of the texts or images herein requires prior consent by HIH Invest Real Estate or by the respective copyright owner.