Umbrella Funds, Master Funds and Classic Multi Manager Mandates – We Provide Individual Solutions

Among the vehicles that the multi manager business division of HIH Invest offers to institutional investors are umbrella funds, master funds and pooled fund solutions in combination with a modular spectrum of services that includes, e.g.

  • Launching and administrating real estate umbrella and master funds
  • Customised, detailed reporting on the levels of asset and portfolio
  • Risk management and stress tests in accordance with standardised methods or investor specifications
  • Flexible advisory services, covering e.g. the development of a bespoke investment strategy, the selection and independent review of real estate target funds via an in-depth manager and product due diligent and review of real estate investments plus subsequent recommendations

The modular system lets investors choose between a need-based selection of service components or a package containing the entire spectrum of deliverables. The investors benefit from a maximum in transparency combined with full control options.

With its team of experts, HIH Invest has so far placed more than 1.5 billion euros in investments via master funds and bespoke fund solutions.

Exemplary Applications:

Occupational pension scheme: Implementation of a bespoke investment strategy and the build-up of a widely diversified real estate portfolio combining several countries, types of use, funds and managers.

Savings bank: Implementation of a real estate investment strategy permitting the combination of direct and indirect real estate investments.

Superannuation scheme: Pooling existing indirect real estate investments, drastically reducing the administrative effort, implementing a uniform reporting system and exploiting portfolio and accounting benefits.

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