Investing Alone or with Like-Minded Partners

Private placement or club deal (involving a small, homogeneous circle of investors) represent bespoke commitments in the form of single or portfolio investments. They are the perfect solution for investing in premium assets, big-ticket projects, special sectors or portfolios.

Another benefit of this investment format is its wide variety of options for meeting individual requirements. Among them is the option to optimally structure financing arrangements, financing rates, and investment vehicles to suit the purposes of the investors and their investment. To this end, HIH Invest offers all standard investment vehicles, including German open-ended special AIF, German closed-ended special AIF in the form of limited investment partnerships, investment structures under Luxembourg law, as well as SPVs (special purpose vehicles) under German or foreign law.

If requested, we will gladly identify other investors with shared interests, a similar background, and, above all, a comparable desire to commit themselves, and will develop an optimal investment concept within the framework of a club deal.

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Managing Director HIH Invest Real Estate

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