Solar and wind energy are not only environmentally friendly, but also a remarkable investment with high return opportunities due to well calculable cash flows on the one hand and decreasing technology costs on the other hand.

The energy turnaround is the greatest challenge of our generation. As things stand today, renewable energies account for around 42 % of gross electricity consumption, but according to the coalition agreement of 2021, this share is expected to rise to 80 % by 2030, even though gross electricity demand will increase by around 1/3 by 2050. A rapid expansion is therefore absolutely necessary and cannot be realized without the participation of the private sector.

Our Infrastructure Team of HIH Invest gladly accepts this challenge and offers institutional investors an uncomplicated opportunity to profit from the upswing of renewable energies in Europe.

Since 2022, as an integral part of our corporate and sustainability strategy, investments worth 75 million euros have already been implemented.

HIH Invest offers you comprehensive fund solutions in the segment of renewable energy investments as well as supplementary consulting modules.

Please feel free to contact us about our products.

Products of the Infrastructure division:

Strategy Funds:

  • Research & market-based strategy development
  • Risk diversified fund solutions with defined investment strategy
  • Country, regional and sector focus; various risk classes
  • Pool funds, individual and club funds

Club Deals & Private Placements:

  • Acquisition of specific individual investments and portfolios
  • Implementation of investments for a small group of investors or a single investor

Individual solutions:

  • Funds / mandate solutions tailored to the needs of an individual investor with an individual investment strategy

Consulting for wind power and photovoltaic projects:

  • Transaction consulting
  • Market price assessment / valuation
  • Project development
  • Asset management and project optimization
  • Structuring of project financing
  • Rooftop projects

Your Contact Persons

Portrait of Kristof Krull, Head of Infrastructure
Kristof Krull

Head of Infrastructure

T  +49 40 3282-3672