Organisational and procedural measures by HIH Invest Real Estate: Focus on sustainable portfolio strategies an product structuring

Sustainable Investment: Legal Due Diligence

The investment process involves a mandatory ESG due diligence (EDD) that is conducted by a third-party service provider during the pre-acquisition audit. The EDD focuses mainly on energy efficiency, occupier amenities, occupier safety, location and physical risks. It provides us with an overview of how sustainable a given property is, and thereby enables us to recognise and address the need for sustainability measures (e. g. an energy efficiency optimisation) early on.

Principally, it is safe to say: Sustainability targets can be differentiated for each fund, mandate and sub-portfolio, and applied accordingly during the investment process.

Sustainable Management: Data Analyses and Measures

For the sustainable management of the overall portfolio, we capture all data on the property level. Based on these data, the subsequent analysis identifies suitable measures to optimise the energy consumption and to enhance the social factors.

A selection from the package of measures:

  • Ecological approach to energy procurement
  • Use of products and building materials free of harmful substances
  • Encouraging sustainable occupancy by tenants through green leases


Fund reporting is used to present, analyse and evaluate the implemented measures and outcomes for the investors.